Our Story | Romantic Cabins In Georgia

Our adult themed romantic cabins for couples is our passion and I think our destiny.  We’ve loved each other for over two decades and have been inseparable since. In our journey to explore the depths of our own love, we find the greatest strength is in our vulnerability to each other. We believe that passion does not fizzle with time, but it ripens with age, experience, and if nurtured with purpose, and effort – it is incredible and beautiful.

Transplants of New York and New Jersey, we moved to Georgia and discovered a love for the mountains.  When we first laid eyes on our first cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia – we KNEW.  We felt the space was meant for two people to come together closely, intimately and with no inhibitions. Our guests loved the concept of exploring their intimacy so much, we just expanded to our second cabin in Clayton, GA.

Every single item placed in Secret Box is done with intent, love and the deep satisfaction in surprising you, bringing you to new depths in your relationship and leaving you thoughtful, breathless and drunk with love. 

Since we first launched in February of 2023, our guests have waved goodbye to us, some have sent us video messages and others a private heartfelt note to share how this experience has changed their relationship.  We feel humbled and honored to know we play a small part in a loving couple’s happiness. We want to make every visit one that you look forward to, are excited to come to and believe that we have your best interests at heart when it comes to a romantic getaway.  Thank you for trusting us to take you down an unexpected journey of love and intimacy

Meet Shirley and Matt

About The Owners

Meet Shirley and Matt, your hosts devoted to creating memorable mountain cabin experiences! As a caring husband-and-wife team, we take pride in surprising and delighting guests, especially for special occasions. From thoughtful touches to personalized recommendations, we’re committed to making your stay exceptional. Welcome to a retreat where hospitality meets heart, ensuring every moment becomes a cherished part of your journey.